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Slant Memorial Design

A slant memorial is shaped like a wedge, with a 90 Degree vertical back, and a slanted engraved and polished face. This style is midway between a bevel monument and the upright.

A slant monument keeps a lower profile but has the space to give a clear picture of your loved one.

Building such story into the stone takes an expert eye. It is best to speak with our expert memorial designer about your specific story.

The single slant memorial occupies one grave space and it is limited to telling only one story (24x10x16). For those looking for more room to further story tell, we offer Larger Companion Slant Memorials (36×16) which sit across two grave plots.

Please read on as we walk through each of the following Slant Memorial styles and their design details.

Slant Memorials For One Person

Single Slant Memorials

A Single Slant memorial, tells the story of a single individual. Most commonly laid to rest atop a similar color base, the traditional slant will proudly stand in honor of the stories it carries.

A single slant is a wonderful honor to be placed in memory of someone. Learn more about Single Slant Memorial Design here.


Slant Memorials For One Person

Slant Memorial For Couples

Sharing a memorial is the great thing you can do for your loved one in their passing. Doing so elegantly in your Double Slant Memorial design is a wonderful option for memorialization.

Build in an engraved nature scene to show a shared love of the outdoors. Add in the symbols of unity the couple shared, and truly tell the story of your life together. Learn more about customizing your own slant memorial here

Slant Memorials for Couples

Slant Memorials For Cremation

Almost any multi-piece memorial can be adapted to house the final remains of your loved one. The Slant Memorial works as a lovely home for those “Cremains”.

The base is crafted specifically with a core hole in the center that is to be covered by the slant itself. The whole memorial work is glued and epoxied together for maximum security and preservation. Learn more about our slants memorials for cremations here.

Slant Headstone with Vases

Slant Memorials With Vases

Including a vase to a slant memorial is an elegant addition and one that serves a to honor your loved one again and again.
Each time you and your family visits you can leave your latest bouquet in their remembrance. Meet with our designers today or read on though the specifics of adding a vase to your memorial design.
Slant Memorials For One Person

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Slant Memorials

  • Hollis Single Slant
  • Cannon Single Slant
  • Savat Single Slant
  • Foxx Single Slant
  • McKinney Double Slant

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