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Custom monuments are where our memorial design skill and passion lie. A custom monument is any memorial shaped differently than traditional serpentine top upright or any of our other standard styles. These monuments are built to stand out while building your unique story using every trick we have to help tell it.

There are many more memorial engraving options to choose from that we can incorporate into your custom memorial. The featured Esquivel memorial has a rock ptiched edge, a carved but polished cross, and an overall boulder shape. The personalization of the etched image and portrait continue to further this unique design.

Custom monuments are built to your specifications with much fewer limits than traditional headstones. Any etching techniques, designs and shapes you have seen on other monuments can generally be employed on these designs. We would love to bring your story to life.

If you and your story required a custom memorial, it is best to speak with our expert memorial designer about designing your specifics.

Esquivel Custom Memorial

Custom Upright Memorials

Custom Memorials are a unique and personalized way to commemorate the lives of our loved ones. Unlike traditional headstones, custom memorials offer a wide range of design possibilities and allow us to create a lasting tribute that truly reflects the individual being memorialized.

Custom Monuments

Custom Carved Memorials

In our journey through life, we encounter countless moments and individuals who shape our very being. When a loved one departs, it is only natural to seek a tangible reminder of their presence—a memorial that not only honors their memory but also captures their essence. In the realm of commemoration, custom carved memorials stand as true works of art, embodying both craftsmanship and emotion. These personalized creations offer solace, celebrate life, and ensure that cherished memories endure for generations to come.

Custom Monuments

Multi-Piece Memorials

Multi-piece memorials offer a captivating and personalized way to honor our loved ones and create a lasting tribute that speaks volumes about their lives. These memorials come in a variety of forms, ranging from symmetrical pairs of headstones with matching engravings to upright headstones accompanied by a complementary bench. With each piece carefully crafted and assembled, multi-piece memorials allow families to make a profound statement about the cherished individuals they are honoring. 

Custom Monuments

Custom Memorial Accessories

When it comes to memorializing our loved ones, headstones often take center stage. However, the significance of memorial accessories should not be overlooked. These thoughtful additions offer an opportunity to personalize and pay tribute to your loved one’s memorial, creating a truly unique and meaningful resting place.

Custom Monuments

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