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Bench Monuments are a great way to honor a loved one and keep their stories close.

This type of memorial has ample room to tell your loved ones story. Meanwhile, grieving family members have a comfortable place to feel close to their loved one while resting on the seat provided. 

There are many memorial engraving options to choose from that we can incorporate into your Bench. The Parson’s Bench Monument featured here features Jean’s favorite flowers and her earthly passion, books. This park bench style 4-piece granite bench can be placed anywhere, not just the cemetery. In fact, this style is widely used by cities to beautify their paths and parks.

When placed in the cemetery Bench monuments typically fill two grave spaces which leaves substantial space for your design. There are variations like a monu-bench that has an upright section and seating. Also pedestal benches have space to enshrine ashes as well as decorative seating.

To build upon your own individual story you would like preserved forever it is best to speak with our expert memorial designer about your specifics and to help get you started.

Parsons Bench Memorial

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