Fine Granite Memorials Near Annapolis

Fine Granite Memorials
Local Creation & Design

Poplar Bluff Monument Works is proud to extend our local memorial services to you and your family. Bring their stories and let our dedicated staff craft a beautiful monument for you.

Poplar Bluff Monument Works

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Proudly Serving Our Missouri and Arkansas Neighbors Since 1973

Cemeteries We Service Near Annapolis

Annapolis Cemetery

Annapolis, MO 63620

Whispering Springs Farm Cemetery

Annapolis, MO 63620

Here is What
Others Are Saying

Based on 29 reviews
Clarence Johnson
When someone kneeds services you can depend on their service
Monty Stickel
Very nice people, came up with exactly what I wanted
Bradley Pulliam
Very helpful and fair prices
MaryLee Jennings
I purchased my mother's headstone several years ago. Great blend of empathy and business. Much more affordable than options around St. Louis. We are shopping for a two person mausoleum. Very professional.
Cheryl Whitmer
They were very helpful. They made this unpleasant moment more pleasant . They really have a good variety of beautiful & unique monuments.
Hilary Denney
Even though they were busy with other customers they made me feel important.
c schumaker
Staff was very friendly and helpful!

Past Monument Works
near Annapolis

  • Brown Single Upright
  • James Double Upright
  • Blankenship Double Bevel
  • Thomlison Double Flat
  • Bryant Single Flat
  • Foxx Single Slant
  • Davis Single Flat
  • Copeland Double Flat
  • Sikes Double Flat
  • Clark Double Upright
  • Hicks Double Flat
  • Porterfield Double Upright
  • Srader Double Upright
  • Robertson Single Flat
  • Jones Single Flat
  • Payne Single Flat
  • Hunt Single Bevel
  • Asher Single Flat
  • Vancil Double Upright
  • Parkey Double Flat
  • Burnett Single Flat
  • Luecke Single Upright
  • Wagner Double Upright
  • Orr Double Upright
  • Morgan Single Upright
  • Cannon Single Slant
  • Link Single Flat
  • Jewell Double Flat
  • Savat Single Slant
  • Robb Single Upright
  • Gearhart Single Upright
  • Hood Single Flat
  • Mitchell Double Flat
  • Dollins Double Flat
  • Hampton Single Upright
  • Sunderman Single Flat
  • Kirkley Double Upright
  • Hollis Single Slant
  • Denbow Single Upright
  • Reed Single Upright
  • Scott Double Upright
  • Stephens Double Upright
  • Priest Single Flat
  • Cook Double Upright
  • Blanton Single Flat
  • Brawley Single Flat
  • Pruitt Single Upright
  • Wilson Single Upright
  • Bennett Double Upright
  • Dukes Single Flat
  • McGrew Single Upright
  • McKinney Double Slant
  • Bloodworth Single Flat
  • Boone Double Upright
  • Shane Double Upright
  • Duckett Single Upright
  • Fagan Single Upright
  • Fisher Double Flat
  • Johnson Double Upright
  • Sentell Single Upright
  • Price Double Upright
  • Smith Double Upright
  • Grey Single Flat
  • Dennis Double Flat
  • Stalnaker Single Flat
  • Wren Double Upright
  • Grandberry Single Bevel
  • McConnaughay Single Upright
  • Miller Single Upright
  • Jackson Double Upright
  • Earls Single Upright
  • Hollend Single Upright
  • Byrd Double Bevel
  • Petigo Double Upright
  • Dunlap Double Upright
  • Smith Single Flat
  • Carolyn Double Flat
  • Hampton Single Flat Marker
  • Burchard Double Upright
  • Lindberg Double Upright